My Favorite Nutrition Bars

If you’re an active busy bee, raise your hand.

If you often need a quick boost, raise it higher.

If you prefer that boost to be healthy, whole, and delicious, wave your hand in the air like you just don’t care.

As a college student, I balance academics, a social life, extracurricular activities, a job, feeding myself, working out, and finding time to relax on a daily basis. Sure, I’m not working a 9-5 job or on an athletic team, but my life is pretty jam-packed in its right. When I interned this summer, I woke up at 5:45 AM every morning to hit the gym before heading to my 9-5:30 (or later) job in the city. I know what it’s like to be busy, trust me.

When you’re busy balancing the 98483273 things going on in your life, it’s super important to fuel yourself with the right foods that will keep you healthy, energized, and happy. There are plenty of snacks that are quick and convenient but aren’t the slightest bit healthy (even if the packaging says so). Is it really worth it to scarf down foods that might be convenient but are also full of fats, artificial ingredients, and other nastiness? I’d have to say no.

This summer, I discovered my new favorite snack. It’s perfect pre and post workout or as an afternoon pick me up. Amrita Bars are fairly new to the nutrition bar scene but are quickly climbing up the ranks. The bars are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, GMO-free, cholesterol-free, and preservative-free. They contain 7g of raw vegan protein, 4g fiber, and 1g Omega-3. Made with locally-sourced, organic, and raw ingredients, biting into an Amrita bar tastes like I’m doing something right for my body and the environment.


I’ve tried every flavor and am kind of obsessed with them all. My favorite flavors are apple cinnamon, pineapple chia, and chocolate maca. The latter is perfect post-workout with a whopping 15g of protein. I like to nosh on it while sipping almond milk; it literally tastes like I’m eating a brownie! Apple cinnamon actually tastes like apple pie. Hello, Thanksgiving!


My favorite thing about Amrita bars other than their taste is that I know I’m eating something that is truly good for me. Their sugar content comes from the natural sugars in the natural fruits in the bars. They power me up for whatever activity I’m preparing for and they refuel me after a tough workout or a long day. I also love that by purchasing Amrita products I am  supporting the local economy. Created by Arshad Bahl, a resident of Westchester, NY, Amrita bars are far more nutritious and whole than nutrition bars produced by big businesses like PowerBar or Cliff.

Give Amrita bars a try and let me know in the comment section or via email how you liked them! You won’t regret it, I guarantee.



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