I’m Hung Up On…

Greetings, my dear readers. I hope you had a splendid week! Mine was spent in spin classes, academic classes, working, and eating. And socializing. Yes. I also spent too much time stalking Courtney Adamo’s Instagram. She and her husband live in London with their four perfect blonde children. Can I have her life, please? All I want at this moment is little blonde people running around my house while my adoring husband chases them about. Things I need to acquire before that can happen: a boyfriend/husband, a job, a home, and 4 kids. I’d like to say I’m well on my way, but I’d be lying. All my single ladies, put your hands up.


Photo Courtesy of Cup of Jo.

Music: This playlist from 8Tracks. It’s my go-to right now when I’m working out. Literally every song on the playlist is great. This is my back up playlist. Almost as good as the first. Almost. It’s on the cusp of being as good. Give them a listen the next time you’re on a run or sweating it out in the gym. You won’t regret.

Eat: I StumbledUpon The Vegan Stoner yesterday. SUCH a good cooking blog for vegans and those of us looking to whip up quick, simple, and healthy meals! I’m also obsessed with their little food cartoons. Aren’t they too dang cute? Also, I say yes to these muffins from My New Roots. You go, girl. Finally, Dine and Dish is currently occupying the top spot as my favorite blog. I adore everything about it.


Wear: As we’re hot off of NYFW, I couldn’t help but give a shout out to J.Crew for their collaboration with Sophia Webster. Not that I’ll be able to afford any of the shoes, but they’re pure works of art. Way to be, Crew. You know this is totally the work of Jenna Lyons. God bless that woman. I’m also weirdly obsessed with these. Am I in a sneaker phase? First it was the Supergas, now this. Finally, this Mara Hoffman Shawl. If I had it, I’d walk around campus being like, “hey, EYE’m watching you!” Yes, that’s exactly what I would do.


Musings: Don’t act like you’re not guilty of at least 10 of these 27 Gross Things Everybody Does When No One Is Looking. And yes, I’m guilty of a number of them too. I won’t name which. That would push it a little too much, I think. Also, The Truth About Calories; what matters more, how many you consume or what kind you’re consuming? I can always count on Refinery29 for articles about literally everything.

Where: Home. I don’t have any exotic vacations to share with you this week. I’ve been feeling a little homesick and the only place I’d like to be is in my bed listening to my mom nag my dad to admire her beloved shrubbery in our yard. Something strange I’ve noticed is that I get more and more homesick as I grow older. I suspect it might be because my parents are becoming more like friends of mine and less like law enforcers. Who knew that your parents could actually be a couple of your besties? Cheers, Mom and Dad. Miss you.



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