I’m Hung Up On…

Hey, all. I’m taking a healthy break (and by healthy break I mean 10 minutes) from finishing Lost to share the things I’m obsessing over right now. I’ve been watching lost since last year and I only have 2 episodes left and I don’t know what I’ll do without it once I’m done. My roommate doesn’t want me to finish because she knows I might have a psychotic break upon viewing the final scene. Like, what will I do with all of my time? Definitely not homework and surely not anything too productive. Do you have any suggestions for shows I could start watching? I’m thinking about Orange is the New Black, as everyone seems to be talking about it and I actually met Taryn Manning over the summer.


Music: Justin Timberlake‘s new album, The 20/20 Experience Part 2, that he will bless us with on September 30. I don’t know if I can wait that long, honestly. I’m hoping the album will be like his last one; somewhat poppy and dancy but soulful. JT can do no wrong in my mind. Sidenote: I’m seeing him in concert in November with my best friend and I cannot contain my excitement. Attending a JT concert has basically been my dream since I was 10 so this is a big deal. It’ll probably be a religious experience.

Eat: These Black Bean and Corn Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. Sorry I’m not sorry to be posting about sweet potatoes again, but they’re seriously the perfect food. A meal in themselves OR a vessel for other yummy ingredients! Black beans are another one of my favorites, so the combo of these two rocks my world. For dinner last night I actually had a baked sweet potato with a side of black beans and goat cheese. Too bad I didn’t think to put the beans in the potato. Silly me.

Wear: Bralettes. I’m behind the trend on these, I know. But I just bought my first two and they’re amazing. I wore this one yesterday and didn’t want to take it off. It keeps everything where it should be but also feels like I’m not wearing a bra. Hello, heaven, thou name art bralette. I also felt super feminine. Be warned: one must think closely about the shirt one wears whilst donning a bralette, otherwise things could get very awkward very quickly.

Musings: 6 Signs You Might Be In Love. I feel this way about peanut butter so that’s alarming. I love how it smells (sinfully delicious), it has witnessed my more embarrassing moments (shoveling it into my mouth on the floor at strange hours of the day), I fantasize about its body (so smooth, so rich, so comforting), it makes me feel differently about myself (happy and/or fat, depending on the day), I immediately include it in my long term goals (I need to bring it on every vacation, it must be in my room at all times, “will there be PB where we’re going?” is always a relevant question), and it’s generally present in other aspects of my life. Like in class when I can’t pay attention and am thinking about PB instead.


Where: Here. Someone take me here, please. Beach, fitness, healthy food, sun? Count me in. Just imagine how happy you’d be here, soaking up that vitamin D and being healthy and loving life. We could go together. I’m a good time.



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