Cool Spaces

Hola chicos and chicks! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I was on two weeks of glorious vacay with the fam and just moved back to school in Nashville so it’s been pretty crazy. ANYways, I wanted to share this home feature with ya. Elise Joseph of Pennyweight is one of my favorite bloggers and not surprisingly, her home is #unreal. I’m so happy Design Sponge did this feature because I’ve been sketchily stalking her insta pics forever trying to catch more glimpses of her amazing space. AND there are blurbs detailing where she got things! Day. Made. My family is actually moving soon and though I’m sad to leave my current bedroom, I am super uber excited to redesign a new one! I’ll keep posting home inspiration for you guys and give updates on how I’m designing my new space! For now, sit back, kick your feet up, and scroll through the brilliance that is Elise Joseph’s home.


17Elise-500x750 11Elise1-500x750 5Elise-500x750



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