The Best Cookie, Ever

Sometimes, all you need is a good cookie. Cookies tend to solve all problems. Having a great day? Reward yourself with a cookie! When I’m having a terrible day, I feel like a cookie wraps its buttery, sugary arms around my heart and holds it so tight that it will never be sad again.

That might actually be the feeling of my arteries clogging. We won’t worry about that too much.

Since I was a youngin’, cookies have been one of my favorite treats. They’re quick, convenient, and just the right thing. During elementary school, my postprandial (LOOK AT ME WITH THAT VOCAB. THANK YOU, LATIN AND GREEK CLASS) treat was always a Chips Ahoy Chunky chocolate chip cookie. Or 3, when my mom wasn’t looking. Dip one of those babies in milk and you’re set for the night. Few things are more enjoyable than the simple pleasure of noshing on a milk-soaked chocolate chip cookie. AMIRIGHT?

As I have gotten older **cue the somber violin music**, my tastes have become more sophisticated. Well, sort of. Although the convenient packaged cookie rarely disappoints, sometimes you’re not in the mood for something quick or convenient. Sometimes, we need something indulgent and warm and gooey and big and time-consuming. Something that we take our time eating to truly relish the flavors swirling around in our mouths.

At times like this, look no further than Levain Bakery. My best friend told me that her good friend worked at this heavenly place and that I had to go. I was intrigued, but skeptical. How good can a cookie really be? FOLKS, ASK YOURSELVES THIS QUESTION NO MORE.


I swear to you, Levain makes the best cookies I have ever had. No cookie (sorry, mom) can ever top Levain’s. They make pastries at the bakery as well, but their most popular item, that which made them famous, is their cookie. They come in 4 flavors: chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and dark chocolate peanut butter chip (gah). Simple and classic.

When I visited Levain with a friend, we had to wait a few moments to get our cookies (we obviously ordered one of each kind. I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT). When we were handed our box it was warm on the bottom, soaking up the heat from the treats it held. Upon lifting up my first cookie, I realized that these were no joke. They’re each approximately 6 oz. I sunk my teeth into the chocolate chip walnut and at that moment, the course of my life was forever altered.


Only God could have created these. He must have kissed them or dropped fairy dust on them or something. Crunchy on the outside and warm on the inside, this was the ideal cookie. Loaded with chocolate chips and crunchy walnuts, the cookie was the perfect balance of pure dough versus add-ins. I could only eat about a third of the cookie, as they were so filling and indulgent that it would have been near impossible to finish one by myself. Not to say that I couldn’t finish one by myself if I was in that kind of mood.

Over the course of a few days, I tasted and finished (with the help of my parents and friend) all of the cookies. Each flavor was perfect. My personal favorite was the dark chocolate chocolate chip. It was like a brownie, but better. SO chocolatey and absolutely flawless. In second came the dark chocolate peanut butter chip. I know, you’d think that this one would be my fave based on my two true loves. But I am a chocolate girl at heart.

Sidenote: a co-worker just gave me a chocolate cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes. I am staring at it as I type. It won’t stop looking at me. HELP.

If you’re ever near Levain (or not), you must go. It will change your life. I promise you. And don’t be afraid to order them online. I ordered them for my best friends’ birthdays and they stayed fresh and delish throughout the shipment process.

Moral of the blog post: the next time you claim that the cookie you’re eating is the best ever, ask yourself, “is this cookie from Levain?” If you answer yes, then you are right, it is the best cookie ever. If you respond no, then you’re wrong. If it’s not Levain, it can’t be the best.



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