Guest Post: Summertime Mood Board

Hey there- it’s Kellie.  A few things about me: I’m Gabby’s roommate in Boston, I live in LA, I could eat a burrito for every meal, & I enjoy graphic design / all things visual.

I know summers can be busy, but they’re meant for enjoying the nice weather and various activities of the season or even just relaxing at home or the beach.  Here is my mood board for summertime in LA.
01. This picture just has a nice California summer vibe- converse and the beach.
02. I’ve been trying to scale down my closet lately- partly because I don’t wear a lot of it and partly because it is a pain trying to maneuver giant suitcases to and from LA and Boston. If I had to pick just a few items to have, this dress looks so pretty and easy to wear, especially for the summertime.
03. I recently watched Beauty is Embarrassing on Netflix- a documentary about the artist Wayne Wright. I thought it was quite inspiring and funny, and I would highly suggest it!
04. I would love to go on an outdoors-y adventure, like on Moonrise Kingdom… or just hang out on a lake.
05. Everything Leah Reena Goren does is so pretty. It makes me want to sit outside and watercolor all day.
06. Although this summer seems to be too busy for many naps, they are one of my favorite activities (you should know), and I would say an essential part of a relaxing summer.

Lastly, here is a summertime playlist for you!


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