Sometimes We Are Serious

This post is a more serious one. I did not try to organize my thoughts. And I know that we are only 20-somethings and don’t know much about much. But sometimes you just need a good rant. So here goes my stream of consciousness:

Tragedy happens everyday to those we know and those we do not. It finds it’s way to us sometimes, too.

Tragedy is a part of life. It’s unavoidable and nothing will stand in it’s ugly path. It sometimes seems more powerful than happiness, drowning out joy and slapping frowns on our faces and drawing tears from our eyes.

Though tragedy creeps up on us when we least expect it, we cannot live in fear of it. Do not be scared of something that you cannot forsee. If we did that, then we might never end up leaving our houses.

In lieu of hiding away, spend your time loving those around you. Be kind. Be there for people when they need it. Do not just be a fair-weather friend. Support those who you care about through the good and the bad. It is one thing to be happy for a friend when they land a great job or get great news. But it is entirely different to be a friend during darker days. But these are the times when we are most needed. Do not turn away someone in need of love. Instead, welcome them with open arms. Let them vent to you. Help them to release their anger, sadness, pain, and heartache. Remind them of the good things that have happened and that will continue to happen. Shine light on a dark corner. Do not be scared of the ugly. Turn it into something beautiful.


I will be the first to admit that loving all the time is easier said than done. People can be frustrating and mean and absent-minded and ignorant. But do not let those lesser qualities outshine the beauty that each person offers the world. See the good in people. Let yourself laugh and smile and embrace others.

Our time on this earth is limited, no matter how hard we try to elongate it with medicine and fitness and juice cleanses and whatever else if available to us. It takes something like 43 muscles to frown while it only takes 17 to smile. Which would you rather do? Expend your strength on a smile; for every frown, you can smile almost 3 times. You get more bang for your buck with a smile. So why not do it?

I once heard a story that a man woke up one day and decided to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. He never reached the other side of the bridge, as he jumped to his death before he made it all the way. When police entered his home, they found a note. The man had written, “If one person smiles at me, I won’t jump.”

Let your smile be the one that makes someone’s day or even saves someone’s life. Do not be afraid to love. Do not fear the future. Though we cannot be sure what misfortunes may find us, we also know little of the beauty, joy, and blessings that life will bring.



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