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When I was in middle school, I eagerly awaited the monthly arrival of my Teen Vogue. It didn’t matter that I would never really wear the clothes they advertised or copy the hairstyles they featured, but something about the anticipation of turning the glossy pages and taking in all the beautiful images and photographs got me hooked on magazines. I still love print and editorials, but have discovered some new sources of inspiration. Here are my top three favorite indie magazines. When it comes to these magazines, every issue is a work of art, one to keep for endless creative stimulation and insight.

1. Kinfolk

Kinfolk is based in Portland, OR (surprised? didn’t think so) and is a quarterly magazine with everything from poetry, recipes and essays to interviews, personal stories and tips and tricks. They also have online articles, a cookbook and some short films. The coolest thing about Kinfolk, however, is their events. These meetings are essentially potluck dinners and get-togethers with some of the most creative folks in the area. You can sign up to participate in them and join a conversation rich in a myriad of topics – everyone brings their own knowledge and insight to the table. Some of the locations for the upcoming dinners include Sydney, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand, London, England, Charleston, SC, Ojai, CA, Ghent, Belgium, Comer, GA and Madrid, Spain. These. Places. Kill me. I want to go to all of them.


2. Cereal

Cereal magazine is a quarterly food and travel magazine (perfect? yes.) based in Bristol, UK. The team is small (just three people) but they have a long list of contributors to each of their current three volumes. They also have a few short films and a shop where you can purchase some beautifully made notebooks, bags and wallets. Coming this winter is their newest feature – Explore. Explore will be an online destination guide where you will be able to discover unique cities, towns and regions all over the world. I can’t wait to peruse what beautiful locations Cereal will feature! As if it couldn’t get any better, their blog is completely addictive.


3. Cherry Bombe

The newest of these three magazines is Cherry Bombe, a biannual magazine dedicated to women (check) and food (check). The founders, Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu, are both well-versed and highly experienced in the fields of food and fashion and they recognized a gap in the magazine industry – one where women, fashion and food were combined. On a mission to fill this void, they launched the first edition of Cherry Bombe on May 10th of this year. The issue features a wide range of articles, stretching from Sophia Coppola’s French cocktails to interviews between female foodies and a cover boasting the beautiful Karlie Kloss and cookie dough. What more could you ask for? Check out this interview with the founders to learn more.



I hope this inspires you to start exploring all these wonderful publications!

xx C


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