My Two True Loves: Part 2

Peanut butter.

I love you.

I hate you.

Thou giveth me a reason to live.

Thou art the bane of my existence.

PB is my second true love for a number of reasons. Shall I list them out? I think I shall.

PB makes every apple better.

PB makes every smoothie better.

PB makes every banana better.

PB makes every vegetable (yes, I have tried and you should too) better.

PB is healthy. Good fats and protein. Right? Right.

PB makes me happy.

PB is actually one of the best tasting foods on this planet. If you are allergic, you should stop reading this now because I will only tempt you to head to the grocery store, pick up some PB, and go at it with a spoon. Until you go into anaphylactic shock, of couse. At which point you will hate me.

I was introduced to PB when I was a young whippersnapper; ’twas spread upon a sandwich with raspberry jelly. Ah, the classic PB & J. You can’t go wrong. That was when my love affair with PB started. My glorious mother introduced me to PB on celery. Perfection in its simplest form; smear your favorite PB down the middle of a celery stick and enjoy the cool, crunchy, smooth, salty, sweet delight that is engulfing your mouth. Just savor it. Love it. Do not resist it.


As I got older, my PB tastes became more sophisticated. I switched from classic Skippy Peanut Butter to Smuckers All Natural. Hearing all the hype about how much better for you all-natural products are, I jumped on the bandwagon immediately. And this was definitely a bandwagon I could get used to. A few months ago, I made the switch to Peanut Butter & Co products, which might be the holy grail of peanut goods. Like, this is definitely the PB that God would eat if he were a PB person. I mean, this is definitely the PB that he eats. Who isn’t a PB person, really? My favorite is Crunch Time. I have actually sat on my floor eating this by the spoonful before. I have no shame. I welcome judgement.

PB is also my downfall. My addiction to it is one of my few many flaws. Okay, PB is good for you if you eat a tablespoon or two a day. But what about 4 tablespoons. Or 5…Is that still acceptable? More protein, right?

Wrong. Too much PB is just too much fat and TOO many calories. One serving of the stuff usually has between 170 and 190 calories. So by eating 3 servings, I consume almost 600 calories…

Good. God.

When I have it around me, I actually cannot control myself. I know that I shouldn’t be eating more and yet there I am, digging in for another spoonful. I’m like a fat kid with cake. Or peanut butter. I have tried to stop buying it so that I have no access to it, but that never works. I always go back to it. PB is like a bad boy. You know you shouldn’t, but you can never stay away. The danger is too seductive. Too addictive.

Do any of you have this problem? Please tell me I’m not alone. And how do you deal? I seriously could use some advice.



Photo cred: Gal with PB


6 thoughts on “My Two True Loves: Part 2

  1. I have a scoopful of peanut butter in my oatmeal almost every morning. I could easily have it again for lunch and my snacks, but you have to limit your consumption because too much of a good thing can be bad. For smoothies, try PB2 which is a peanut butter powder that is only 35 calories per 2 Tbsp. It isn’t for sandwiches because you have to rehydrate it, but it is perfect for smoothies/milkshakes!!

    • Thanks, Ani! I actually bought PB2 yesterday so I’m looking forward to trying it out. I’m an oatmeal person too! Can’t start my day without it.

  2. the founder of peanut butter & co went to Vassar, I honestly had no idea anyone had heard of it! also, hi! and nice blog!

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