A Summertime Classic: Grilled Veggies

I don’t know about you, but I dread cooking a meal inside during the summer. What sounds the slightest bit fun about heating up your already overheated kitchen for dinner? Nothing. Sorry that I do not ever feel like roasting a chicken or vegetables or turning on my burners and boiling pasta. If it will make the kitchen hotter than is necessary, I plan on staying away from it.

My solution? The Grill. The summer problem solver. Why turn your kitchen into an over-sized oven when you can just take your food outside, throw it on the grill, watch it cook and sip a nice cool beverage while admiring your backyard shrubbery? 

My favorite things to grill during the summer? Chicken, corn, and vegetables. I try to stay away from red meat but occasionally I cannot resist my brother’s favorite ribs cooking away on the grill, smothered in sweet barbecue sauce and whispering my name.

I’m only human. Didn’t Eve give in to the snake in the Garden of Eden and indulge in the forbidden fruit? My indulgence in summer barbecued specialties is something like that. Or not.


Just last weekend, my parents and I were at a loss as to what we should cook for dinner. It was a beautiful night and we definitely wanted to cook something on le grill. What did we decide on? Grilled chicken with a medley of grilled veggies. I could not have been happier.


Grilled vegetables are SO easy to make, you almost wish it were more of a challenge. Then you remind yourself of how hot you are and how you would neither appreciate nor welcome a challenge and you’re overjoyed with your grilled veggies again. Is that just how my mind works? Probably.


Yellow Squash
Red Pepper
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Kosher Salt


Slice all  vegetables into shapes and sizes that will not slip through the bars (is that the right word?) of your grill. Feel free to add other vegetables like tomato or red onion! 

**Be sure to slice your eggplant a half-inch to a third-inch thick. You don’t want it too thick, as it will take forever to cook. But you don’t want it too thin either, since eggplant is a meatier vegetable and we want it to feel that way.


Toss all of your veggies in a bowl and douse them with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and S+P. Coat them so that all of the veggies have a little of everything on them.

Lay the vegetables on the grill and spread them out evenly so that each piece has it’s own little space. After a few minutes, flip the veggies. They should have grill marks without being burnt.

Do not worry about the skins of the red peppers burning a little. They taste great that way! And carrots may burn a bit too, but they develop a sweet flavor that can only be achieved once they burn a bit. Trust me on this one.


Once all of your vegetables are cooked through, place them on a platter and serve ‘em up. These would literally go well with anything; steak, chicken, burgers, ribs. They’re also great on their own and a great healthy snack to have around. The vegetables are also a great add-in for salads! The possibilities are actually endless.




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