My True Two Loves: Part 1

Does anyone other than me enjoy watching the Food Network while they work out? Is that considered a form of torture? Should it be? Probably. Am I a masochist for taking pleasure in sticking in my earbuds and listening to the Barefoot Contessa’s soothing voice utter sweet nothings such as herb butter, parmegiano reggiano, and roast chicken?

While I struggled through the greater portion of my stair master session this morning at the gym, my eyes gazed at the TV in front of me, which flashed images of Paula Dean scooping angel hair pasta into vibrant turquoise bowls and topping it with freshly made shrimp scampi with artichokes. I remember one detail so clearly; the woman used an entire stick of butter. Why I can remember all of this, I don’t know. Actually, I do.

I. Love. Food.

I digress. As I finished my cool down, I could not help but think of foods that I absolutely love. Like, foods that I could never, ever give up (I got very serious very quickly). Shrimp scampi would be up there, but it would not hold one of the top three spots. Apologies to you, Paula. And your butter. You can have it back.

I can only think of two foods that I truly adore. If you read my “About Me” section, you might be able to figure it out on your own. These two delicacies are classics. Not complicated, not expensive, not exotic.

Chocolate is my first love. Everyone knows that nothing and no one is quite like your first love. If you threatened to take chocolate away from me, I think I would cry. And then beat you. And then acquire some chocolate and sit in my room eating it by the mouthful. Pathetic? Maybe. Understandable? Definitely. Sane? TBD.

I think my love for chocolate began when I was in the womb. My mom is a chocolate fiend (but for some strange reason is not fond of chocolate ice cream—whatever) and eats it pretty much whenever it is offered. We were discussing chocolate yesterday, before my brother’s pre-prom celebration. I had just picked her up from the train and we were both in a funk. Like, a deep funk. A funk so deep that I did not want to go to pre-prom, which I have been looking forward to for months years. To lift our spirits, mother-dearest suggested that she make coffee. I said no because at that moment, I did not want anything. Upon catching a smell of the coffee brewing in the kitchen, I changed my mind immediately. I poured myself a cup and thought, “hey, you know what would make this better?” We all know what my answer was. Chocolate. I dropped a few chocolate chips into my cup (by a few I mean 20+) and stirred. As I sipped my coffee, a faint chocolate flavor visited my taste buds. And when I reached the bottom of my cup, a pile of melted chocolate chips awaited me! Oh, the joy.


Chocolate makes everything better. Having a good day? Reward yourself with some chocolate. Having an awful day? Sooth your woes with a bite of the sweet stuff. Having an okay day? Why not snack on a few chocolate chips? Can’t be a bad thing. Chocolate is always there for us no matter the circumstances. It won’t say no to us or give us sass. It doesn’t judge us and would never do anything to hurt our feelings. Chocolate simply improves every situation. Reading those last few sentences, chocolate seems like it would make a great best friend. Or husband. Or both. That is chocolate’s job; to be the ultimate comfort. And chocolate certainly does it’s job quite well, if I do say so myself.


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