Dainty vs Daring

As far as accessories go, I love jewelry. Shoes are my second pick and to me, bags are eh, but I sprint to the jewelry section every time I enter a store. Though I usually walk away empty handed, I adore staring into the clear glass cases of jewels, everything from pendants and pins to studs and lockets. Recently however, in the fashion world, I have noticed a slight rift going on between these lovely accessories. To put it simply, there is the struggle between the delicate and the deathly. Dainty rings, thin bangles, and light chain-link necklaces worn in layers compose the dainty side. Decorated with little gems and cute charms, it’s hard to say no to one (or five) of these little guys. Enter Catbird, Bittersweets NY and Another Feather. On the other side, you have powerful, eye-catching statement pieces. Claws, daggers, huge rhinestones and chain metal, these pieces of jewelry are only broached by the brave. Enter Lulu Frost, Dannijo and Lizzie Fortunato. The question remains – which is better?
Sugar, spice, and everything nice:
– You don’t have to take them off. Like. Ever. Trust me, I wear a small gold elephant pendant on a thin gold chain around my neck and it’s been there since I got it for Christmas circa six months ago. Smaller pieces are everyday pieces. They can be worn working out, swimming, grocery shopping, lunching and everything in between.
– They accent an outfit, not dominate it. Layers of rings and necklaces can make your romper or trouser pant and blouse combo look more put together. Wearing delicate jewelry is feminine and can add to your look while not stealing the show from your other pieces.
Heavy metal:
– They’re cool. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want at least one, ideally ten, Dannijo collars in their wardrobe. These statement pieces make a black maxi dress interesting. They contrast nicely with a striped shirt. When worn the right way, statement pieces are eye-catching and memorable and label you as a fashion forward thinker.
– They’re easy. Though they may weigh a lot and take some extra confidence to wear, statement pieces can make an outfit in 5 seconds. Just pop on a bib or a cuff. They stand as the focal point and make dressing up easy and dressing daringly a piece of cake.
In the end, both routes have pros. I honestly can’t think of any cons for either. It depends on many things. Are you going to brunch or a bar? Do you want light weight or heavy impact? Are you more demur or daring? Luckily you can’t go wrong and either option will certainly add impact to your outfit.

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