In a Denim Daze

I consider denim to be my second skin. Not necessarily jeans, I personally find shorts and dresses more comfortable than a skinny ankle jean most of the time. I’m talking denim shirts, vests, jackets, dresses, and skirts. And sure, pants too (#canadiantuxedo). The stuff is awesome. Working at Madewell, you basically have to live, breath and think denim 24/7. You are surrounded by it on the racks and mannequins and spend your days harping on its glorious attributes to any customer who will listen. Thus, overtime, I have become quite versed in the fabric and the many styles it comes in. This post is about three of the cool denim finds I have stumbled over in the past few years. Enjoy!

imogene + willie is a specialty denim company located in Nashville (hollaaa). It was started by a husband and wife team who named the brand after their grandparents in honor of the constant source of inspiration, love and hard work they were to them. imogene + willie have styles for both men and women and in addition to denim, offer cool button-downs and tees, comfy intimates and perfect accessories, such as sneakers, jewelry, bandanas and home goods (what don’t they have?)! They take their denim seriously, hand-sanding and snagging for their distressed pair and using precise blends of elasticity and substance to give the wearer lasting comfort without stretching out. Overall, imogene + willie has it all. I can’t wait to check out their store when I return to Nashville this fall.
This denim secret was discovered at Gabby’s and my alma mater (shout out). Chimala is based in New York City but their products are made in Japan by experts with unparalleled workmanship and technique. They have fabulous relaxed, baggy cuts such as these and these. My favorite piece currently is this amazing denim pullover. I love denim. I love pullovers. Hence, I love this denim pullover. No need for further explanation but check out this interview with Chimala’s head designer (what a cool gal, hmu whenever).
This shit is cool. It is also something my grandpa would not like. He was the one who yelled at me for buying Abercrombie and Fitch jeans in middle school (in retrospect, I should have listened to him). “Why the hell did you buy ripped jeans?” “You should send them back, they’re broken.” “You paid $70 dollars for those?” Yes Pop pop, because ripped jeans are cool. They were then and they are now. I like a little distressing in my jeans. It gives ’em character, you know? Tells you they’ve been through the ringer, quite literally actually. Denim Refinery takes the “dammit I can’t do this, who the hell owns a stud gun, I have blisters” out of DIY by distressing your denim for you. Your old jean shorts or jean jacket go through processes like softening, lasering, waxing, and foiling to come out, well, good as old. They look vintage, they look cool, and you didn’t have to buy a new pair of jeans! In the words of the Barefoot Contessa, how awesome is that?
Just one more pic for fun. These lovebirds had it right:

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